The Device

"Then, with one inventive idea, along with some creative ingenuity between J.P. and his brother, he would achieve the impossible by creating a switch based on Morse Code that he would operate with his tongue. He would name it Virtual Morse."


Virtual Morse is a program and device combination that when attached to a desktop computer, allows the user to input commands via a series of micro switches. Josh is able to manipulate the device by tapping a switch with his tongue and getting verbal feedback from the program. Josh was required to memorize the entire Morse Code alphabet in order to manipulate the device. The Virtual Morse program is proprietary and allows Josh to communicate via email and create text that is collected and formatted.


My Last Breath- The Film

A story of Life after Death

My Last Breath the film, 2015 winner of the Upper Midwest Regional Emmy for best topical documentary, is a story thats about hope and persistence. It leaves viewers feeling empowered, informed and above all else, never take the small things for granted. Directed by Cy Dodson. Visit the documentary website for more information


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